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Volunteer Days - Lugano/Switzerland


As in the most world countries, also in Switzerland the disabled and terminally ill peoples community results to be excluded from the rest of the society. Many Swiss foundations and institutes provide them a meaning of everyday living through a constant assistance, in order to improve their quality of life. The photographer decided to carry out some voluntary work in the biggest center for disabled people in canton Ticino in order to better understand the meaning of being mentally and bodily impaired. After a year of close work with the patients, he started documenting the life of those individuals considered by society to be leading a hopeless existence. This body of work intends to be exhibited in local high school  with the intention of bringing this unknown reality much closer to the students and creating awareness in young generations.


 *Every picture have been taken at the OTAF foundation, founded in 1921, which hosts 300 disabled people mostly affected by degenerative diseases. The website presents only a reduced version due to photographer's choice.


All income will be devoted to OTAF foundation with the intention to give a financial contribute for alternative holidays 2013.


© Jacek Pulawski