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A B O U T       J A C E K    P .    P U L A W S K I   |   Biography 

Swiss / Polish, born 1978 in Wroclaw (PL), member of Impressum 

Before starting his career as a  photographer in 2007, Jacek Pulawski was employed by a US Corporation and worked in a wide range of countries as a business translator and as an internal auditor for SOX Compliance programs. During that time he became interested in photography, which he carried out in his free time deciding to attend a National Geographic workshop in photojournalism.

As a self-taught photographer he began to document the major social difficulties in the canton Ticino, the Italian speaking part of Switzerland, with the purpose of providing a fresh visual documentation of untreated problems caused by the illegal Immigration. Following this work, the depth and wealth of his photographic endeavors were recognised and he was awarded the Espace Media Prize Premier Award at the Swiss Press Photo. A year later he received the EWZ-selection Premier Award at  the Swiss Photo Award. 

In 2010 Jacek was employed by Amnesty International and was responsible for taking photographs for the Swiss national campaign called "emergency help". During this time he held a number of lectures in several institutes where he exposed a number of difficulties that immigrants are faced with, for example the stories of the illegal refugees' children growing in provisory accommodation. With his work he greatly contributed to several NGO organizations such as Service d'Aide Juridique aux Exilé-e-s (SAJE), Swiss Refugees Help (OSAR), Swiss Observatory for Asylum Seekers, Swiss Forum for Migration and Population Studies (SFM), Amnesty International and the Berner Legal Advisory Center for Undocumented Refugees (VBBS), ...

Jacek Pulawski's work has appeared on the front covers of a number of philosophical and sociological books, as well as on posters, newspapers and magazines including Amnesty International, Caritas, NZZ, Tages Anzeiger, der Bund, Le Temps, National Geographic Expedition, Beobachter, Stern, Die ZEIT,….

As a documentary photographer he's working between Milan and Zurich, where he focuses on in-depth visual studies.


Main Solo exhibitions & Lectures

2016 - Lugano - Il Canvetto Luganese - "2009-2014" Personal exhibition based on 5 years work as a photoreporter
2012 - Lausanne - Unil University - Amnesty International "Asylum through the lens" - lecture
2011 - Lugano - USI University - Amnesty International "illegal immigration" - exhibition and lecture
2011 - Bern - Bernese legal advisory centre for people in emergency - "illegal immigration"- lecture
2011 - Zurich - University Zurich - Amnesty International "illegal immigration" - exhibition and lecture
2011 - Zurich - St. Jacob Church - Amnesty International "illegal immigration" - lecture


Main Group exhibitions

2012 - New York - PowerHouse Arena Brooklyn - NYPH Fotofestival
2012 - Zurich - Landesmuseum - Swiss Press Tour
2011 - Nyon - Château de Prangins - Swiss Press Tour
2011 - Zurich - Landesmuseum - Swiss Press Tour
2010 - Chiasso - La Biennale - "Quadrantaria in Ticino"
2010 - Zurich - ewz Unterwerk Selnau - Swiss Photo Award Exhibit
2010 - Hannover - Skywalk Sud - Freelens Fotofestival
2010 - Geneva - 24e Salon International du Livre et de la Presse - Swiss Press Tour
2010 - Bern -Kaefigturm - a Swiss Confederation Political Forum - Swiss Press Tour
2010 - Schwyz - Forum of Swiss History - Swiss Press Tour
2009 - Zurich - Landesmuseum - Swiss Press Tour
2007 - Venice - Santa Maria della Pietà Church


Professional Appraisals

2013 - The Black and White Spider Awards - Honor of Distinction in Silhouette
2013 - Px3 - Prix Photographie Paris - Bronze - Press Sport 
2012 - Px3 - Prix Photographie Paris - Silver - Press Sport 
2012 - New York Photo Festival Invitational - Winning Entry - Documentary 
2011 - Swiss Press Photo - 2nd Place - Art and Culture 
2011 - Swiss Press Photo - 3rd Place - Portrait 
2010 - WPGA Jacob Riis Award - finalist
2010 - Swiss Photo Award - ewz.selection Premier Award - Swiss Photographer of the Year
2010 - Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism - shortlisted 
2009 - Swiss Press Photo - Espace Media Premier Award - Swiss Photojournalist of the Year
2009 - Swiss Press Photo - 1st place - Portrait 
2009 - Px3 - Prix Photographie Paris - honorable mention in Photojournalism 
2008 - WHO - World Health Organization - 2nd place - Vaccination 
2007 - Venice International Photo Contest - Gold and Silver Medal 

© Jacek Pulawski